Girlchild and Boychild celebrate Halloween as Mega Man and his brother Proto Man from the Japanese TV show and Nintendo game.

MegaMan and ProtoMan Halloween 2010

They had an awesome time trick-or-treating and absolutely nobody knew who they were supposed to be – lol.

Jeanne has had her costume done since Thursday because it was costume day at her pre-school.  On our way to the car after school a car full of Navy guys stopped and shouted ‘hey, it’s Mega Man!’  She was also recognized at the Dartmouth Crafter’s Guild show the other day by a young man who said ‘hey, it’s Mega Man… I mean Mega Girl!’

Proto Man

Mega Man

Girlchild is really more obsessed than her brother, who is following along because he is constantly mimicking his older sister (right down to gobbling his dinner up, then when she says she’s not hungry, immediately stopping eating and saying he isn’t hungry either, even though he obviously is). The other night, Girlchild even said she wanted to name her first baby ‘Mega Man.’ Hubby and I inevitably get relegated to playing Doctor Wiley, Mega Man’s arch nemesis (though when she says it, it always seems to sound like Doctor Wally).

Mega Man and Proto Man

And for the sake of reference, here are a couple of pics of what the ‘real’ Mega Man and Proto Man look like (and yes, I forgot Proto Man’s belt, but I only realized as they were stepping out the door to trick-or-treat and there was no way Graham was going to wait for me to make one):



Girlchild has literally worn her costume every day since I finished it Wednesday night, with no signs of ceasing any time soon.

Happy Halloween everybody!