(1) One of my favourite webcomics, Buttersafe, recently posted this gem:

(2) Things to do with glass jars.  Ever since I was a kid helping my mum and grandmum with the canning in the fall, I have loved glass mason jars.  Well, here are a couple of neat non-food things you can do with them and with other recycled jars:

—> From Martha Stewart Crafts, a sewing-kit in a jar (instructions here):


—> And from Apartment Therapy, glass jars used as picture frames:


(3) And now for something silly, here is a flowchart which describes how to Explain the Internet to a 19th-century British Street Urchin


(4) In the spirit of last week’s ‘doing the needful,’ here are some more interesting words from around the world.  My favourite ‘untranslatable word’ from this list has got to be Tartle, a Scottish word meaning The act of hestitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name” (this has happened to me *so* many times!)  Mamihlapinatapei comes in a close second, though, as something I have also experienced.


(5) One last thing to finish off this list.  I love everything about this photo: the boots, the socks, the obviously handmade garter, the lighting, the angle of the shot – everything!