Wow.  Just wow.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve updated this blog (this supposedly *daily*, or at least *weekly* blog)…  A year of many ups and downs…

A year of working at a low-paying yet necessary job that I really enjoyed more than I should have…

A year where I celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary and traveled through Europe (Reykjavik, Amsterdam, and Paris! – Awesome!) but was incredibly sick the entire time (not so awesome). On the upside, the hospital in Amsterdam was fantastic (it had the coolest looking radiology department I’ve ever seen and I wish I’d been able to take a picture but I was too busy throwing up). On the down side, I threw up on a horse.

A year where my eldest child started primary school and my youngest started preschool – if anything makes me feel old, this is it.

And it’s been a year where I haven’t really felt all that creative.  I haven’t stopped making things, but for a while I wasn’t really enjoying it very much.  Now that things have calmed down, I’m not working an incredibly stressful and physically demanding job, and I have more time to myself, I am starting to feel like myself again.  I am starting to feel that creative spark.

I’m also starting something new.  Something I’m really really excited about.  One of my passions.

Platypus Symphony is going VINTAGE!

That’s right: starting this week I will be selling some *amazing* vintage items in the Platypus Symphony Etsy Store!  I have been collecting vintage and antique housewares and beauty products for years and now I’d like to share my collection with the world!

P.S.  As soon as I’d posted this, the following thing popped up: “This is your 11th post. Incredible! This post has 275 words.”  I think WordPress is being sarcastic!