(^^^ part of my personal collection with which I will not be parting, but isn’t it lovely!)

I am really bad at posting to a blog.  I’ve tried to do it before and kept it up for a little while, but life gets in the way, and the excuses start, and then a few months go by and you realize that you just haven’t been posting.  I’ve always been the same with diaries, though recently I’ve actually been able to keep one up, mostly because I’ve gotten rid of all pressure on myself for the entries to be, well, good, or even vaguely interesting.  It’s really more like a bad twitter feed that nobody else reads (not even me, to be honest.)

This entry is going to be pretty random, since my life is pretty random right now (or hit-or-miss).  Those of you who know me in “real life” know that I’ve been quite sick since August, which has put a bit of a damper on what I can and cannot do.  On top of that, we may or may not be moving some time this summer, so we’re trying to get the house in order *just in case* the Navy makes their mind up and gives us our posting letter.  I can’t believe how many things we have been putting off fixing since we bought the place (the boy is almost 4 and was 2 months old when we moved in).  I have the feeling that by the time we’re done, I’ll actually like the house well enough that I won’t want to move…  NAAAH!

So, I’ll do what I always do when I can’t come up with anything original – links and pics!  If you really want to see the links I like on a daily basis, come visit me on Pinterest – drop me a note in the comments if you want/need an invite.  It’s a great way to store/display/share your links.

Three links for you to enjoy!

1) How to make these sweet little lavender wands.  This makes me long for summer, and I can practically smell the lavender and hear the bees just by looking at this.  I can’t wait to try these – they would dry so well, I think, which means the fragrance would last all winter as well.

2) The Cuppow!  I just love this idea.  It’s a reusable plastic cap that turns a mason jar into a travel mug.  Now I’ve been doing this for a while without the cuppow, but I’ve had to change my shirt more than once and I burned myself, so this is really a lifesaver.  I tried to buy one but at that time they weren’t selling to non-US paypal accounts (but I’m looking into this again because I seriously want one already.  Take my money!) Seriously, if you like mason jars (and who doesn’t!) , you have got to check this out.  UPDATE!  CUPPOW ARE NOW SELLING TO CANADA.  I WILL BE BUYING ONE AS SOON AS I HAVE ANY MONEY, LOL.

3) A bit of music for your enjoyment.  I’ve recently discovered English folk musician Laura Marling (I’m a bit behind the ball on this since she’s been around for a while and has released three albums.)  Check her out!

Platypus Symphony Store News:

I’m hoping to have some Handmade items up in the store soon (or at least before the weather gets so warm that nobody wants to wear wool).  My labels came in the mail (they’re awesome), and as soon as they’re sewn on, things will go up.

As for Vintage items, I’ve got some great stuff that I want to put up as soon as I can, including a great kids coffee set from the 70s, a German three-part drinking flask that must be seen to be believed, some great vintage clothing, and some beautiful table linens.  For now, here’s what I’ll be adding today: