Hi everybody,

As some of you may have noticed, the store was down for a few weeks. My apologies if you tried to purchase something during that time.  Platypus Symphony is back up and running right now, so please come visit.  We’ve got plenty of new stuff coming in every day!

White Pagoda-Shaped Yaffa Storage Case – beautiful!

The reason why the store was closed temporarily is that we are moving!  And by ‘we’ I mean my whole family, not just the store.  As you may already know, my hubby is in the Navy which means that every so often we get posted somewhere new.  This time it is London, Ontario.  And before you say anything, yes I know there isn’t an ocean in Ontario so why is a Navy guy being posted there?  It’s because there is a naval reserve detachment in London (and there is a river right next to the building so he won’t get too pouty).  The store was down temporarily because we were on our House Hunting Trip so find a place to live in our new ‘home town.’

Hubby and I are both originally from Southern Ontario so this feels like going home, even though it’ll be fore 2-3 years max, then we’ll probably be posted back to Halifax.  My mother and my sister Sarah, who both live in Ontario, are both vintage-lovers too, so I’m looking forward to doing some shopping with them.  Check out Sarah’s awesome blog, Jazzy Beginnings!

Rare 1960s Cragstan ‘Queen’s Guard’ Wind-Up Toy

So consider this fair warning that the store will go down again at some point in August when we do the actual move, if all goes well.  Right now I’m trying my best to keep it up and running while we sell our house and prepare to move all our stuff across country.  Luckily the military takes care of a lot of it, but they certainly don’t help keep my house clean with two small kids while perfect strangers come in and judge it.  Meanwhile, I wake up everyday thinking ‘maybe this will be the day this damnable house will sell!’

After the move, the store will be up and running again as usual, but with some awesome vintage finds from the London/St Thomas area!

Here are some of the great new *fun and useful* items I’ve got in the store right now!  I took advantage of some lovely sunny weather, which has been quite rare lately, to take the pics outside.  Enjoy!

Designed by Daher Floral Serving Tray, Made in England

Awesome Ucagco, Japan Perpetual Shopping Reminder – I love this!

Great men’s leather toiletry kit in amazing condition – no missing pieces, which is very unusual