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The Enchanted Arts Show and Sale

Sunday November 18 from 10:30am to 5:00pm

at the Elsie Perrin Williams Estate, 101 Windermere Road West, London

Featuring local London artists including the incredibly talented Nancy Latchford

Check this out for a full list of participating artists.

“come and find the magic!”

Fibre Art Festival and Sale

Saturday November 24 from 8:30am – 5:30pm

Sunday November 25 from 11:00am – 4pm

Covent Garden Market in London, Ontario

Art for sale for the the individual and the home – all locally made

Includes Weaving, Spinning, Rug Hooking, Lace Making, Nalbinding, Kumihimo, and Basketry.

For more information, see the website for the London District Weavers and Spinners

I will be featuring numerous handspun and crocheted items in the sale, so if you’re in the area, come check it out!

The 2012 World of Threads Festival

Oakville: Nov. 2 – 18, 2012
Toronto: Nov. 9 – Dec. 2, 2012

From their website:

Local, National & International Contemporary Fibre Art.

The World of Threads Festival is one of the most vibrant fibre arts festivals in the world. We showcase contemporary fibre art in all forms. The Festival is based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. For the first time we are expanding into Toronto.

The 2012 festival will have 21 exhibitions, and nearly 200 artists from 12 countries and 8 Canadian provinces. The flagship exhibitions are the Common Thread International exhibitions.

For more information, a .pdf of their brochure is available here.


Here is a recipe for the world’s easiest pulled pork.  It’s a guideline, mainly, because there are really no measurements – just eyeball it.


I like to make mine with veggies so I don’t have to make a side dish too.  If you like, you can just cook the tenderloin on its own with the broth and sauce and omit the veggies completely.


If you don’t own a slow cooker, go out and buy one – they’re awesome.  Seriously, though, you could cook this in an oven-proof pot with a lid on a low temperature for several hours and get approximately the same result.  Just don’t let it dry out or it will be gross.  With the slow cooker you get to just ignore it all day, though.



1 pork tenderloin (if frozen, make sure you defrost it all the way through)

1-2 sweet apples

2 large carrots

2 large onions

1 bottle of a sweet BBQ sauce – something like maple or mesquite.  Right now I’m using Sensations by Complements Maple BBQ sauce and it is very good.

beef stock to cover (from a can or a packet, it doesn’t matter)

1 packet of onion soup mix (optional)

any other spices you want to add (experiment a bit).  I often include whole peppercorns if I have them on hand.


Chop the apples, carrots, and onions and put them into your crock pot.  Add enough stock to cover the veggies, as well as the spices.  Place the tenderloin on top and slather it in BBQ sauce.


Cook for as long as you need to.  I usually cook it on high for about 6 hours because I’m not up at the crack of dawn cooking dinner.  You could put it on to cook early and cook it on low as well.  You will know it is done when the pork is cooked through and you can pull it apart with a fork.


Shred the pork with a fork and mix it into the vegetables which should be very soft by now.  You can leave the veggies in chunks if you want, or mush them right in (if you’re trying to hide them from the kids like I am).


If you want you can add some more BBQ sauce.


Serve on onion buns or kaisers with coleslaw.  Or serve it over rice or potatoes.  Either way you do it, enjoy!


In ocean wastes no poppies blow,
No crosses stand in ordered row,
There young hearts sleep… beneath the wave…
The spirited, the good, the brave,
But stars a constant vigil keep,
For them who lie beneath the deep.

‘Tis true you cannot kneel in prayer
On certain spot and think. “He’s there.”
But you can to the ocean go…
See whitecaps marching row on row;
Know one for him will always ride…
In and out… with every tide.
And when your span of life is passed,
He’ll meet you at the “Captain’s Mast.”

And they who mourn on distant shore
For sailors who’ll come home no more,
Can dry their tears and pray for these
Who rest beneath the heaving seas…
For stars that shine and winds that blow
And whitecaps marching row on row.
And they can never lonely be
For when they lived… they chose the sea.


©Copyright October 11, 2001 by Eileen Mahoney

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